Joo is a designer with a passion for crafting brand identity systems and bringing them to life through animation. She thrives on exploring the unknown and is eager to embrace new adventures in her creative journey.



Visual Identity | Motion 

3D Designer: Hongming Li
Product Designer: Ken Chen

2023 GDUSA Design Award Winner
Graphis Poster Award 2024 Gold
Graphis Design Award 2024 Silver

BOLTBOLT is a company that was founded in December 2021 by a group of futuristic and innovative minded friends who share a youthful curiosity about the future. BOLTBOLT is a product company that designs futuristic products. And for the branding, designers wanted to create bold, futuristic, youthful brand identity system. For the brand identity system, we wanted to create an icon that could represent the company itself and also work with the product. So we created the signature logo and created physical bolt to build the product called Nebula which is the first product that the company introduces to the audience.


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