Joo is a designer with a passion for crafting brand identity systems and bringing them to life through animation. She thrives on exploring the unknown and is eager to embrace new adventures in her creative journey.


Lexus Activation
Visual Identity | Experiential Design

Creative Director: John Dohrmann
Art Director: Serda Ursan
Copywriter: Abigail Hogue

The U.S. Open Lexus Electrified Experience project pertained to the visitor experience booth of Lexus at the 123rd U.S. Open. The creative team was tasked with conceptualizing and executing the comprehensive design of the Lexus booth, aimed at seamlessly integrating both the themes of electricity and golf within the designated space. The creative team adeptly curated the ambiance and overall atmosphere of the area while also generating supplementary assets to augment the project. These supplementary assets comprised a range of elements such as signage, windows, and panels adorning the façade of the Lexus Electrified Experience booth.


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