Joo is a designer with a passion for crafting brand identity systems and bringing them to life through animation. She thrives on exploring the unknown and is eager to embrace new adventures in her creative journey.



Branding | Motion | Interaction

Young Ones 2023 Shortlist
Graphis New Talent Annual 2023 Gold
Indigo Design Award 2023 Gold

Sky Word is a special program at the Museum SAN, where visitors can learn about the history of Korean astronomy. This program suits the museum very well because it is located on top of a mountain and features open ceilings in the James Turrell hall.

Sejong, the 4th king of Joseon, brought the dynasty up to international standards in the sciences in the 15th century. King Sejong first began developing astronomical instruments and made arduous efforts to develop astronomy by installing astronomical instruments in Gyeongbokgung Palace. At the same time he invented Hangul, the first korean script. King Sejong was one of the best kings who ruled Joseon and who worked hard  for his people to have a better quality of life. So Sky Word is a program that shows how Korean astronomy and the script started to develop and how they relate to each other in history.

Branding for this project is inspired by the beauty of Korean Script (Hangul), Korean astronomical instruments and science. Typeface is created from the inspiration of the grid of Korean letters. On top of the Korean script grid system, I added a hexagon boundary on top of it to convey a scientific look. With this grid I created a typeface for english.


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